Twitter for Hearing Aid Marketing (Part II)

Tips on Using Twitter for Hearing Aid Marketing

Twitter for Hearing Aid Marketing

Twitter has many options in its “Settings,” some of which may be of interest to privacy and security conscious users. Used for business purposes, these features will most likely want to be avoided as they will limit the number of twitter users who can easily see your posts, but as long as someone is following your account it should not be a problem.

The HTTPS option is available if you wish to “Use a secure connection where possible to encrypt your account information.” This is basically an option to check that the site is secure to keep out any eavesdroppers. Tweet privacy is probably not the best option for reaching as many people as possible, but this is a good way to keep your personal account closed to friends or create a group from a subset of customers.

Tweet Location is great for small businesses, especially ones that move around or travel a lot. It is also good for owners who want to update customers in a more personal manner, an example being some kind of family oriented business.

Twitter offers an option to allow users to find your account by email, which is great if your customers already know your email address, but you don’t want to have a long, complicated username anyway. If your name is short, like Bob Smith, it is great for a username if available, but keep in mind how common the name is. One of the most important details to keep in mind when encountering this situation is to be specific with your industry, for example BobSmithFishing. Sometimes it is best to use the company name, but not always, such as GoldenHarborTackle vs. BobSmithFishing. Maybe find an interesting memorable term referencing a bestseller of yours, for instance Bob would consider using a popular local fishing lure.

“Who To Follow” is a good way to find new people. Sometimes you’ll get follows just by following others, but you don’t want to spam twitter users. The photograph used for the account will depend on if it is best to use a photo of the owner (yourself) or possibly the company logo, which is fine because it lets people know at a quick glance what the account is, but the owner’s photograph gives the account a personal touch. Customers feel like they’re talking directly to the top man or woman, making them feel more important and more like a friend.

This is a short list of twitter apps to give you an idea of how many options there are for both using Twitter as the common person does and also monitoring Twitter for small business: TweetDeckTwhirl, Tweetie (now the official Twitter for iPhone app!), TwitterrificTwittelatorEchofonTwitterfeed and HootSuite.

TweetDeck is for desktop PC’s, iPhone and iPad. The wide availability of Twitter applications on mobile platforms is a sign of where this is all going. People might be on a computer at work most of the day or younger people sitting at home are on a Macbook or desktop PC, but more and more people are using an iPad and/or iPhone (and other mobile devices) as a main source of information. The mobile nature of the iPhone and the current generation of teenagers and young adults is evidence of the movement to smart phones.

Echofon is available for Firefox, Mac and iPhone as well. Twitterfeed is an app that will “Feed your blog to twitter, Facebook and more…” currently feeding almost 3.5 million feeds to Twitter and Facebook. HootSuite is a very interesting service. They refer to is as a “social media dashboard” used to track conversations, and it features google analytics integration and facebook insights integration. There is also a HootSuite mobile app. HootSuite can be used to publish to websites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, MySpace and WordPress. It is also a Twitter client.

When you visit the TweetDeck website the first information you see is that “TweetDeck is now part of twitter.” It works with Google Chrome. EchoFon has a great looking very clean design. Tweetie was acquired by Twitter in 2010, renamed Twitter for iPhone and made free.

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