Direct Mail Incentives

Occasionally we find some clients are hesitant to use direct mail incentives. They feel the quality of leads can be lacking, unqualified or simply looking for a freebie.

direct mail incentivesIn most cases people aren’t going through the trouble of scheduling an appointment and receiving a hearing test if they don’t already acknowledge that something is wrong. Incentives provide the extra push to get these leads into your practice.

Many incentives, like a free coffee pot or steak dinner, may get people in the door, but probably won’t increase your sales. An incentive like the wireless headphone set is ideal because it only appeals to consumers with a hearing loss. It’s an inexpensive giveaway that helps qualify your leads, not just generate them.

If an incentive doesn’t accomplish this goal, travel voucherthey can also be used when it enhances your direct mail marketing message. For example, we encourage clients to use the 3 Day & 2 Night Travel voucher with the Noise Pollution Self Mailer. The Noise Pollution Piece describes how anyone, regardless of their age, can suffer hearing loss from noise pollution. In a way, it shows that you’ve had a fulfilling life, not just that you’re getting older.

The overall message of that piece is that the consumer has had a great life. With this specific incentive, you’re saying you want them to continue to live a full life. A set of hearing aids is the solution, and the mini vacation provides the motivation to pick up the phone.

Our clients enjoy the positive response rates and sales increases direct mail incentives provide. With so much competition, and because you’re selling a piece that consumer’s aren’t particularly excited to purchase, offering an incentive is a strong tool to increase your appointments and sales.



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