2014 Postage Rate Increase

The 2014 postage rate increase was made official by the USPS last week, and will come into effect on January 26th.

2014 Postage Rate IncreaseSince 1971, when the Postal Reorganization Act was approved, postage rates have only increased at the annual rate of inflation; roughly 4.2 percent.  But, due to the serious financial losses suffered over the last several years, the Post Office has been approved to temporarily increase postage rates at a larger percentage, in hopes of generating revenue to offset some of these losses. Across the board, this most recent postage rate increase will be about 6 percent. The Post Office reported that these higher rates will be temporary, lasting only two years, at most.

We have taken great efforts to minimize the impact of these increases for our clients. Because all of our mailing is done directly within our facility, we are able to commingle and saturate direct mail, and receive deep postage discounts; which we then pass along to customers. Due to these production and mailing processes, as well as our deadline dates, we are able to provide the best postage savings available. Our prices at Hearing Aid Marketing will not be reflecting the 2014 postage rate increase. They will, in fact, increase only at a nominal rate.

To learn more about our company and direct mail creative, view our Direct Mail Services page here. If you have any questions about these new rates, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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