Referral Programs: The Power of Word Of Mouth

Although a major part of direct mail marketing is in lead driven mailings, you can’t forget about the power of word of mouth.  Your database of existing customers is a gold mine of referrals that is waiting to be tapped into. You have to ask yourself “What would drive me to make the effort to refer a business to a friend or co-worker?” In a perfect world, your business will receive hundreds of referrals because of your outstanding service.word of mouth

However, we as humans don’t always work that way, we sometimes need incentives to go the extra mile. Make it a priority to send out referral cards a couple times a year. These incentives can vary depending on what you would like to offer, but focus on your market and try to make it appealing to them. The best offer is a gift card for lunch or dinner at the neighborhood restaurant. There is nothing that anyone likes more than free food! For every referral you can promise a gift for your referrer AND the referred, that way you have two happy customers which will only produce more referrals.

Not only is a referral program great for new business, it is also a perfect way to nurture your relationship with your existing customers. Show them that you care with a special thank you card. It is nice knowing that you’ve helped someone and that you are appreciated for it. These thoughtful and personalized mailings can really help to set you apart from your competition. In the long run, the word of mouth marketing generated by these incentives will increase business to the point of them paying for themselves and will increase your overall return on investment.

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