Free Zip Code Analysis

Identifying and connecting with the right prospects is the first step in a successful direct mail campaign. But, building a profitable mailing list can be difficult and time consuming. Let our team help!

Our experts often find that clients’ direct mail response rates and marketing plans are significantly improved once there is a reevaluation of their targeted zip codes and demographics.

Let us help you connect with the right prospects. We’ll assess your unique location and build a recommended mailing list just for you. There’s no catch, and no commitment to order.

Expert Advice

Get a free analysis to gain this valuable, and interesting, insight into your ideal prospect! Fill out the form for your free analysis, and get advice on:

  • Selecting Income OR Net Worth Counts To Evaluate Prospect’s Resources
  • Building a footprint of your most relevant and profitable zip codes. Distance, competition, natural barriers and population density all play key factors.
  • How to manage your zip history.
  • A free list count, based on the specific demographics and locations of your ideal prospects.

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