The Unique Challenges Of The Hearing Aid Industry

The hearing health industry is unlike many other industries that offer products to help consumers. A huge factor that sets the hearing aid industry apart from other industries is, as Phil says in the video above, no one wakes up one morning thinking that they might have a hearing loss and immediately runs to the nearest practice and buys their first hearing aid.

This is not to say that they will not eventually purchase a hearing aid, but unlike other products designed to improve your senses, like eye glasses, there is still a negative stigma attached to hearing aids that puts them in the challenging category of being a product that no one ever really wants to buy for the first time. That is the biggest challenge in hearing aid marketing- until someone has used a hearing aid and knows how much it can improve the quality of their social relationships and their life, they really do not want to purchase one. What does this mean for hearing health business owners? It means that landing that 1st time customer is more difficult than in other industries where the product does not have a negative stigma already attached to it.

One way that Hearing Aid Marketing helps business owners overcome this unique challenge is by offering a strategic approach to direct mail that blends a variety of messages and offers that are designed to appeal to different segments of the buying population. Using an offer for a Free VO exam will attract those who may be thinking that they might have a hearing loss and they are beginning to explore that. For this person, sending them an offer that highlights a special low price on a hearing aid would not be as effective, because they are not yet ready to walk in to your practice and buy a hearing aid that day. Getting the first time buyer to come in for a hearing test allows your practice to become a resource in their exploration of their individual hearing loss. And when they are ready to buy, there you are. This is also why it is so important to maintain your database so that you can reach back out to those who came to you for that Free VO exam. You have already identified that the consumer has a hearing loss, and now have begun forming a relationship with them; because of this, there is a great chance that your practice will be their first stop on the day they do decide to buy a hearing aid.

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