Hearing Aid Direct Mail

Direct Mail has always been a huge player in the hearing aid marketing industry. Has online marketing changed the way the world does business? Yes. Will online marketing replace direct mail marketing in the hearing aid business? We don’t think so. Although we are strong proponents of having a comprehensive online marketing strategy, we believe that Direct Mail is at the heart of this strategy.Direct Mail

We think of Direct Mail the beginning of a conversation. A way to introduce yourself. Your website, landing page, blogs, and social media marketing keep that conversation going and keep it interesting. But without direct mail, you wouldn’t be able to decide who to start that conversation with.

One of the great perks of hearing aid direct mail is the ability for it to be highly personalized. You can call a consumer by their first name, write to them specifically, and convey that you understand their problems and what they are going through. Hearing loss can be an isolating problem and you can make a connection with an individual who is suffering. But people don’t want to be grouped together and  “sold” your product, they want to be understood and valued. How do you show them that you are here to help?

1. Target Effectively
Want to find new customers? When acquiring new clients, you must narrow your search by specific location and demographics. This is also an important strategy to use regarding current customers. Turning first time customers into repeat customers should be a top priority. Targeting your most profitable customers, sending out recommendations for new products based on purchase history, loyalty programs, birthday cards, or even something as easy as a thank you card will strengthen your customer relationships and ensure customer loyalty.

2. Personalization
Using live stamps, signature fonts and first names makes you less of an anonymous salesman and more of a person trying to help solve their problem. Consumers don’t really care about you, they care about solving their problem. It’s not about you, it’s about them, so highly personalized hearing aid direct mail helps focus your message on their individual needs.

3. Online Integration
Technology hasn’t killed direct mail – it has actually given it new dimension. Blending together a direct mail and online campaign is a marketing method which will strengthen your message and provide multiple touch points for your targeted audience.  Also, by utilizing tools like Google AdWords, you can become more accessible and easy to find, learn what terms people are searching for in your area,  and how they are finding you- all great tools for tracking how effective your direct mail marketing is at pushing people to your online destinations.

In this study, completed by Target Marketing, direct mail was named one of the most used channels for customer acquisition and retention. And, mail was rated the media with the highest return on investment. Maybe you don’t need that Superbowl commercial after all!

At the end of the day, having an interactive, optimized, and informative website is extremely important. With over 900,000 people searching online monthly for help with hearing problems, it’s a component to your marketing that can’t be ignored. But, let’s not forget tried and true marketing tools. After all, the only way to sort mail is by looking at it.

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