What Language Is Your Hearing Aid Direct Mail Speaking?

Hearing Aid Direct MailThink your website or hearing aid direct mail content passes the test? Read more about my newest hero, David Meerman Scott, and grade yourself.

DMS is a marketing strategist- an author, speaker and entrepreneur. In his lastest lecture, DMS discusses how to create content and generate interest from your consumers. He talks about his 10 page ebook, The Gobbledygook Manifesto, which stresses the importance of communicating in, well, people terms. People want to see something well written and easy to understand. DMS says, “I want to know what you mean by ‘industry standard,’ and I also want you to tell me why that standard matters, and give me some proof that what you say is indeed true.”

In 2008, over 48,000 business claimed to be “unique” in their Dow Jones description. And over 51,000 claimed to be “innovative””! DMS suggests you ditch these “gobbledygook adjectives” to actually become unique and innovative.

He then moves on to the topic of buyer personas- or in other words, the specific demographics of your customers. In his example DMS points out that every hotel website is essentially the same because everyone focuses on the product info, and not the buyer persona. People in a target audience should be broken into different personas. They have different needs and wants. DMS wants content to be focused around people- not products. People want to talk about their problems and address their needs, not read endlessly about your products.

Lets look at the hearing aid industry. Have you broken your customers/prospects into segments or personas? We have. Our hearing aid direct mail, our entire hearing aid marketing strategy, is broken into segments:

1. People who are ready to buy. They might already use hearing aids and are looking for a replacement, or they are ready for their first pair.

2. People who need hearing aids, but are weary. They’ve heard less than great things, or had a bad experience themselves and are skeptical about you and/or your product. They are dragging their feet, but know they are in need of help.

3. People who are just starting to experience or recognize their hearing loss and want to learn more.

So, what would David Meerman Scott do? (have I mentioned this guy is my new hero?) He would suggest that you build a detailed buyer persona profile for each of these segments and then build your marketing strategy around them. How old are they? What do they do for work/fun? What makes them unique? What makes them the same? What do they want to see on your website? What do they want to hear?

Relevant content on your website and in your hearing aid direct mail is a necessity. Earn your attention with clear, concise, interesting content for your prospects. Speak in their language, make a connection, get personal, and point them right towards you.

If you look at your current website or hearing aid direct mail and wonder if your message is correctly targeted to your consumers, shoot us a message or give us a call and we can see how we can help you more effectively capture attention of your prospects. They are out there, waiting to be engaged, it’s time to start the conversation. But remember, ditch the gobbledygook, and speak their language.


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