The Power of Referrals in Hearing Aid Sales Part 1

Do you know the difference between flirting and hitting on someone (or being hit on)? Flirting is mutual. It’s a two-way street. When two people are flirting it implies that one initiated the process but the other quickly joined in.

Hitting on someone on the other hand is more like one-way traffic. One party is interested in another and moves in to close the deal, but the other half of the equation isn’t very receptive.

A customer being hit on is kind of like a guy or gal at a party being bombarded by an unwanted member of the crowd. Instead of going in with the mindset of meeting someone, seeing how they react, and developing a relationship, the process is more like from the get-go telling the person what they want and trying to close the deal.

I want you to consider something. Just consider it for a moment, mull it over for a few minutes, maybe a day or two if you like the sound of it. This isn’t a pitch or a technique, it’s a way of thinking. Sometimes your mindset makes all the difference in the world. And in the world of sales your mindset is your base. To be successful you need a rock-solid base.

For your next call, your next appointment, the next month of sales you are involved with, go in with the mindset of achieving a 100% referral rate. Referrals are the ultimate prize in sales. Your loyal, happy customers like you so much that they’re willing, no, they’re excited to tell their friends and family about your products or services. Your customers do the selling for you, sometimes you just need to close. But a referral from a trusted friend or family member is often all you need.

Think about it. If you end up with a 50% referral rate, you’re golden. 25%, solid. 10%, not bad at all. If you only get one referral just from going in with a different mindset, which is free by the way and might even help you enjoy the process more, isn’t one extra sale still pretty good? It’s more than you had before you even thought about the power of referrals.


Image by Avia Venefica via flickr



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