The Power of Referrals in Hearing Aid Sales Part 2

This is a continuation of our post on the power of referrals in hearing aid sales.

Now, let’s look at your target demographic. Hearing aid sales is a tough business to be in. Unfortunately, many of your prospects are reluctant to admit they have problems hearing. Hearing loss is often embarrassing at first. Years of asking family members to speak up and repeat what they just said has trained them to deny any loss of hearing.

People with hearing loss in their 60s, 70s, or 80s usually have sensorineural hearing loss.

referrals in hearing aid sales

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Their hearing loss worsened over time and got to a point at which they finally said enough is enough. They are grandparents, parents, husbands, wives, friends. Each person you interact with is a focal point of an entire network of prospects. Sometimes something as simple as a smile from an employee or the music playing in the waiting room makes the customer feel at home and comfortable interacting with you.

Part of the power of the referral mindset is you are always there to make the customer happy and in turn make yourself happy. If you have a happy customer who is likely to buy from you in the future and come to you for any further assistance, you can relax and be secure in your knowledge that they will be loyal to your business.

With a referral mindset you’re playing a long game. You’re not only developing a relationship with a customer, you’re laying groundwork potentially for a handful of other customers. One-way streets simply don’t work when someone makes a wrong turn and comes barreling down the asphalt in the wrong direction.

Increased sales is obviously your main goal with referrals, but the hope is that on the road to developing a referral program with customers that work for you, you’re also improving your business by having happy customers and making yourself and your employees happy as well.

When you expect referrals from customers you’re more likely to get them. Your mindset, to put it simply, affects everything you do. There are certain things people don’t even think about until it is mentioned to them. If you start mentioning referrals in your sales pitches you might just start to see results. Referrals come from all the work done before the sale though.

What benefits of trying this new mindset could you have? Could it be that you re-examine many aspects of your business? Would you change ways your products or services are presented? Would you come up with new ways to follow up with customers 30, 60, 90 days after their purchase? Would you make sure you over-deliver so that every customer automatically wants to refer others to your business?


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