Interested in an 1800% return on your marketing investment?

What good is a direct mail piece if it doesn’t deliver results? With every direct mail vendor out there claiming their pieces deliver great results, us telling you more of the same sounds like everyone else- and that’s not our style.

Recently, we heard from Rick Knipe in College, PA who recently placed a relatively small order of our 40238 “Wanted” self mailer.  Through this one promotion of 3,000 pieces, Rick sold a total of $29,495 in hearing aids. That’s a return on investment of 18:1 or 1800%. So when we say that our direct mail gets results, spending a total of $1,575 on a promotion and selling 10 hearing aids is what we’re referring to.

“The WANTED self mailer is the best piece of Direct Mail I have done in the past four years.” – Rick Knipe, Miracle-Ear, State College, PA

We are not surprised that Rick experienced this kind of response. This piece has a track record of being successful for many reasons. This self mailer combines an offer for people to try the latest digital technology with four coupons of your choice, usually offering discounts or product price points. It also has a personal touch, with a photo of yourself or your staff as well as client photos and testimonials. All details that make your direct mail campaign more successful.

Does spending $1,500 to make $29,000 sound like something you are interested in? If so, get in touch with us today and get the real direct mail results you’re looking for at a great price.


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