The Power of Testimonials

Q: How do ducks go to water?

A: One behind the other.


That’s the exact analogy sales trainer, Joel Beck, uses when he teaches about the power of testimonials. How are you utilizing this influence over your potential clients?
Using testimonials effectively is a marketing strategy that can alleviate customer fears, provide credibility and help humanize you and your practice. 

Unfortunately, many business owners are not taking advantage of the power of testimonials.
People listen to their peers. What’s more effective: telling a prospect you can help them with their hearing loss, or one of your happy customers explaining exactly how you improved their life?
How to get testimonials. Sometimes it’s as easy as asking. Effective testimonials are short and to the point. Ask one or two specific questions, get the OK to use their information and quote, and voila! Or, offer a perk for their feedback. Once a consumer purchases from you, send a follow up mailer asking how they’re doing, thanking them for their business and include a questionnaire they can mail back to you. As a thank you for their time, offer a free adjustment, battery, cleaning…. By sending a thank you note and getting their feedback, you’re killing two birds (ducks?) with one stone.


Ever seen a testimonial written by “Sue” or “JD”?  People want to know these quotes aren’t phonies! Put as much information as you can about who is giving you such praise. Bonus points for a picture. More points for a video.

Where to show off your testimonials. Everywhere! On your website and social media pages, in your informational brochures, on your direct mail, in newsletters, as a soundbite, painted on your walls, yelled from rooftops…

Start building trust, providing social proof and get your customers to sell for you.
That’s the power of testimonials.

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