Your “About Us” Page Needs an Overhaul

Have you recently checked out your competitor’s website? Is it a little (or a lot) like yours? It’s difficult to make a website uniquely yours- one that isn’t “fill in the blanks” and couldn’t possibly belong to anyone else. A simple way to personalize your websites is your “About Us” page. Even though this page is often botched, overlooked or just boring, it’s actually one of the most important pages on your site. Not only will it be beneficial for your SEO, it provides another opportunity to convert visitors into customers.

An “About Us” page needs to have the basics: show some pictures, highlight your credentials and experience… but it doesn’t need to be generic. It can be lighthearted and professional (no jargon, please!). Take a look at this graphic designer’s page:

"About Us" page


Your page should also have the backstory of your company and how you came to this profession. It shows your motivations and humanizes you and your company while building trust and familiarization. In an industry where fear and skepticism prevent sales, it’s worthwhile to generate these feelings and build a relationship with your visitors.

Here’s another great example: SEOmoz shows off credentials and testimonials, has pictures and mini profiles on all of their employees, and their Mission/Code clearly describes their attitude and core beliefs. Their “About Us” page is really an “About Us” section and it aptly describes why they are valuable, unique and worthy of your business. Plus it’s light, fun and easy to navigate.

When people are looking for a place to get their hearing examined or to buy hearing aids, they aren’t really looking for a company. They’re looking for an actual person who is going to help them with a problem. Set yourself apart, showcase your unique selling proposition and make your website yours.

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