Are You Webvertising?

In 2007, Cyrus Massoumi ruptured his eardrum on a flight into NYC. His insurance company provided a list of professionals; one was deceased and the rest were booked for weeks. He turned his search online, but it still took 4 days to schedule an appointment. If he had been looking for an Italian restaurant or closest movie theater, a Google search would have taken seconds. Why was it so difficult to find a medical provider?

Shocked by this revelation, Massoumi founded ZocDoc, a website that allows patients to find and book appointments online. The database includes reviews, office locations, photos, and description of services, specialties and educational background.  It took only 4 years for the company to employ over 200 people and raise 95 million dollars in funding.

What’s the takeaway? Consumers are searching online for medical services.Seniors Searching Online

Will they find you?

ZocDoc charges $250 to be listed on their website, but there are a variety of groups to join, listings to sign up for and websites to be showcased on. Ask customers to leave reviews on websites like and Join directories on, and others. Make sure your website is attractive and informative. Optimize your website and invest in an AdWords campaign to ensure your website is easy to find.

Small changes in your online presence can result in significant improvements to your business. More and more, consumers are searching online for hearing aid dispensers and audiologists. Capture a part of this growing market. Make sure that you’ve got an online component in your hearing aid marketing strategy.



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