Direct Mail Gets Results

direct mail

Many businesses are turning to e-mail and other online avenues for direct mail marketing. Traditional direct mail still has a place in today’s marketing world. DirectMailManager recently released the results of a survey that showed postcards have a 79% rate of being viewed vs. only 17% of e-mails that are opened. Response rates were found to be higher as well, with direct mail postcards having a 3.99% response rate vs. the 1.73% response rate on e-mail.

A/B reporting is also an important part of direct mail marketing. To test campaigns and improve upon your marketing efforts you have to rely on results. Analyzing results is the only real way of making intelligent decisions about how to proceed with your direct marketing.

Integrated campaigns are the future of direct marketing. You get the best of both worlds; the old with the new. With direct mail comes stability, and with e-mail marketing comes new ways to engage customers. Software integration, tracking, and websites connected to QR codes printed on your direct mail are all part of integrated campaigns.

While e-mail and social media marketing may be the focus of many businesses these days, traditional marketing is still as important and relevant as ever.

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