What Are Self Mailers?

Self Mailers are marketing materials that aren’t mailed in an envelope. A front panel replaces the envelope, and is the first connection recipients will have with your promotion. This panel includes mailing information, but must also generate curiosity to get the piece opened. A personalized and relevant message, combined with a compelling headline, is Offical Offer Self Mailerrequired with self mailers.

A great feature of this style of direct mail is its flexibility. Self mailers can include brochures, catalogs, double postcards, or a large sheet folded in any number of creative ways.

In the hearing aid marketing industry, self mailers are a strong asset when promoting an event. With a double postcard, you can describe the event, create excitement, and include a perforated reminder card for recipients to put on their calendar or refrigerator. Double postcards can also be used for perf off coupons, directions or reply cards.

With a variety of ways to design a self mailer, there are several different ways to secure it in order to receive postage discounts. Based on weight and location of its fold, the post office requires between one and three tabs. Standard tabs, water seals, cellophane tape, or spot glue can all be used. Or, like our “Sounds of the Season” snap pack, they can be sealed with a continuous glue strip.Self Mailers


A lower cost alternative to other direct mail promotions, self mailers provide a large amount of space for photos, text, promotions, testimonials and coupons. Increased flexibility in size and shape allows for a variety of creative ways to advertise and appeal to prospects. Stretch your marketing dollars and reach more prospects with self-mailers.

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