Boost Your ROI With Handwritten Fonts

We feel excitement when receiving a piece of mail that is from a friend or family member. Looking through the pile of mail, that one piece with our name written on it stands out among the rest. You can achieve that level of excitement and attention with your direct mail marketing.

One goal of hearing aid direct mail marketing is to build a relationship, and to get prospects to have trust and confidence in your practice. Utilizing handwritten fonts in marketing materials increases opening and response rates, and adds an important personal touch.

There are a variety of styles, with over 1,000 types of handwritten fonts alone. There are also a variety of opportunities to use these fonts in your direct mail marketing. One of the most common uses is in a signature. Many hearing aid marketing materials greet readers by first name, and when there is a salutation, there should be a closing. Signatures add that personal touch.

envelope with handwritten fontsGetting direct mail opened is the first step in getting prospects into your practice. Printing the address and return address in a handwritten font makes your piece stand out, and creates curiosity that gets it opened. With the addition of a live stamp, the direct mail will appear to have been personally written for each prospect.

Another great idea is to utilize a signature above your return address letterhead. Printing this signature adds personality to a marketing piece, and allows recipients to make a connection with this representative of your company.

Combined with a successful direct mail piece, a great offer and quality list, handwritten fonts are a great tool for increasing the personalization of a piece and the ROI of a campaign.

handwritten font sample

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