Direct Mail Is The Preferred Communication

The 2012 Channel Preference Study, released last week from Epsilon, has given marketers some great insight into consumer opinions and direct mail marketing in 2013. Read on to learn key findings from this report, and how they relate to you.Direct mail continues to be an important platform for reaching prospects.  In fact, 73% of consumers prefer direct mail for brand communications because they can read the information at their convenience. This is great news for dispensers and audiologists who utilize direct mail marketing, and also highlights the importance of compelling Calls to Action. If your marketing materials don’t engage readers and urge them to react now, it will be put away to be read later “at their convenience”.

  • Only 3% of consumers used mobile QR codes. Well, some innovations stick while others just stink.


  • 2% of consumers surveyed prefer receiving health information via direct mail, and the most trusted information sources were found to be family, friends, doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers. Focus on your specific credentials, experience and knowledge in order to gain trust, highlight your expertise, and convert prospects into customers.


  • Some of our most successful direct mail pieces are those that require the most amount of reading.  According to Epsilon’s survey, 51% of consumers pay more attention to postal mail than email. With relevant and valuable content, you can hold the attention of your prospects as they learn about you, your practice and current promotions.


  • 73% said they receive a lot of emails that they simply do not open. Of course many of the people on your mailing list receive direct mail that they don’t open, but deleting an email is much easier than throwing away mail. Marketing with direct mail allows your materials to be physically held by your prospects. The only way to sort though mail is to read it.


Direct mail continues to be a successful marketing channel within our industry. As 2012 comes to a close, we must continue to look ahead for ways to uniquely advertise while standing out among the clutter. Stay tuned to learn about some of our newest promotions!hearing aid marketing


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