5 Simple Ways to Clean Your Internal Database

According to the US Post Office, mailing lists deteriorate at a rate of 2% per month. This means that every year, 20-25% of a list has “gone bad”. For those of us who engage in database marketing, that can result in a significant amount of wasted resources.

Your internal database is one of your most important assets! Marketing to your database can be incredibly powerful and profitable, but only if your mailing list is accurate and clean. To help ensure you’re maintaining a healthy database, and maximizing your hearing aid sales, we’ve compiled 5 strategies to keep 100% of your database accurate and profitable.


1) Segment

Analyze your database and segment it into smaller groups of similar records. This will allow you to easily adjust your marketing message and better target the contacts in your list.




-Which marketing communication enticed them to book an appointment

-If they currently wear hearing aids or not

-Which brand of hearing aids they use


2) Mail First Class

Send your next database direct mail promotion first class and undeliverable mail will be returned to you. You’ll be able to identify records that will need to be updated or removed – saving you money on direct mail that wouldn’t reach its intended audience.

3) Data Services

National Change of Address (NCOA), deduping services, and list standardization help to clean and maintain your mailing list. Hearing Aid Marketing, among other mailing companies, provide these services for a small fee.

4) Customer Surveys

Mailing follow up, research, and customer surveys can provide valuable information about your business, employees, products, customers and prospects.

5) Office Skills

Whenever a lead calls your practice, be sure your receptionist is capturing and storing all of  their information. Whether they come in for an appointment or not, they should be in your database and  receive marketing materials.


Maintain and promote to a high quality mailing list. With increased list deliverability and accuracy, you will see an increase in conversions and ROI.


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