Database Marketing

Database mailings are known winners – consistently generating impressive responses and profits. In fact, your database is one of your most valuable assets.Database Marketing

It’s recommended to send marketing communications to your database four times a year. If your list is segmented, you may want to utilize different marketing messages to hearing aid users and non-users. With a piece like our Trade Up Letter, you can target current users and past customers.

Because these are mailed first class, all undeliverable mail is returned to you. This extra step saves you money on future mailings and helps you maintain an accurate database. To see the full sized sample of this piece, give us a call at 877-634-7160.

If your database isn’t segmented, or if you are looking to target a wider range of prospects, any of our successful direct mail pieces will result in increased sales when mailed to a database. 

If you’d like to reinforce relationships and build trust with the consumers in your database, try the Noise Pollution Self Mailer. The overall tone and content combined with the handwritten note makes this the perfect piece for your database marketing.

We frequently find that internal lists are in need of at least some maintenance efforts. National Change Of Address (NCOA), deduping and standardization services are provided for a nominal fee, and result in a cleaner, more accurate mailing list. For more tips on maintaining a profitable mailing list, read 5 Simple Ways To Clean Your Database.



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