How To Measure Direct Mail Success

To increase profits and the success of your hearing aid practice, you probably use multiple marketing channels. The goal is to find the silver bullet – the marketing tool which generates consistent and profitable results. Then, once you find it, you repeat it!  It’s a waste of money and time to market your practice with unsuccessful efforts. But how do you really know when something is a success? Download our How To Guide to learn how!

Many direct mail vendors focus on response rates as a measurement of direct mail success.  Understanding the response a each marketing effort generates is beneficial, but it doesn’t provide a real evaluation. Let’s say you get a 3% response rate…what does that really mean?

Measure Direct Mail Success

The only way to make the best marketing decisions and to understand your direct mail success is by measuring your Return On Investment. Measuring sales against your costs, ROI exposes your real profit. Sales and profits are how you measure direct mail success! Download this free Guide, and learn what to track, measure, and evaluate when determining success.

Invest your resources in direct mail that works!

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