After Your Hearing Aid Marketing Is Delivered…

It’s our goal to provide you with hearing aid marketing that will get your phone ringing with qualified leads. Unfortunately, that’s just the first step in selling more hearing aids.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of our direct mail pieces, we advise clients to use a call tracking phone number, so you will know exactly what the response was on a specific marketing plan. You can also opt for call recording, which means that you can listen to the conversation between responders and your front office staff. From these recordings, we have learned a lot about what makes and what breaks a potential appointment.

Here are the top 5 most frequent front office mistakes:front office staff

1. The No Answer

The phone is ringing, ringing, ringing…and then they’re gone. Will they call you again? Maybe. The phone should never be unanswered during office hours, and you would be surprised by how frequently this happens. What’s worse, is that oftentimes the answering machine’s message is so long that nobody can get through it to leave a message! Keep your recording short, and during non-office hours shorten your ring time to only a few rings.

2. The Long Term Lead

Being too busy with appointments is a GREAT problem to have. The solution is not to book appointments out weeks away. This person calling you has finally made the first step towards purchasing. Don’t lose the momentum! Conveying that you are busy helps to reinforce that you’re a booming and trustworthy business. Offer one or two appointment slots within a reasonable time frame.

3. Too Much Info.

Everyone in a company plays an important role. It should be left to the sales team to sell and provide all the important medical and sales information. The front office staff needs to get these prospects in the door, and that’s their only goal. No sales! We also frequently hear conversations where callers are told an appointment will last two hours or more. That’s the fastest way to ensure the appointment will be a no-show. Keep it vague and play dumb if necessary, because less is more.

4. Articulation and Intonation

Remember – these people are hard of hearing!! Speaking quickly, quietly, or impatiently won’t help you convert leads. Inflection is important, and you don’t want to come off unfriendly or rude. You may be surprised how common of an issue this is.

5. Uninformed and Confused

You’ve invested in a marketing strategy…be sure everyone is on board with what’s going on! Be sure everyone knows promotional dates, all the fine print, and when your mail is mailed.


Direct mail marketing is only one piece of the puzzle. Learn more about call tracking and recording, and get a better understanding of how strong your front office is! Call today.

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