The A-Z Hearing Aid Marketing Glossary

In addition to introducing you to new keywords and phrases, the Hearing Aid Marketing Glossary also reviews marketing terminology that you may be familiar Hearing Aid Marketing Glossarywith, but from our team’s unique perspective. You’re probably familiar with terms like self-mailers, indicias, and handwritten fonts, but do you know how these save can save you money or increase opening and response rates? Download the Hearing Aid Marketing Glossary to learn.

So, if you’re not quite sure what the feathering process is, or how your value proposition impacts direct mail responses, complete this quick form and download your free glossary today!

There are many terms and important concepts to keep straight when discussing direct mail marketing, especially within the hearing aid industry. We’re here to help keep you up to date, informed, and profitable. That’s why we wrote the The A-Z Hearing Aid Marketing Glossary. This quick cheat sheet contains all the important keywords you need to keep your direct mail plans successful. Download yours today!

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