Hearing Aid Company Newsletter

Mailing a hearing aid company newsletter to your internal database can provide several different benefits for the growth of your practice. Keep in touch with prospects, past customers, and all the consumers within your database. Build trust by showcasing your industry knowledge, including customer testimonials, and introducing your employees. Inform these consumers about company updates and ongoing promotions. Maintain your mailing database. The list goes on!

Newsletters can be mailed monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, Hearing Aid Company Newsletteror whatever fits your schedule and budget. One of the important components of a successful company newsletter is consistency, so be sure to send your newsletter on a regular schedule. Maintain a specific look and feel with consistent color schemes, layout, imagery, and text.

The tone of your content should also be consistent. Whether you are strictly professional, or have a little fun, be sure that it fits what you want your company image to be. Content also needs to be interesting! Keep it informative, interesting, and varied. Before printing, it is absolutely imperative that you have at least 3 different people proofread your hearing aid company newsletter. Misspellings and other errors not only look sloppy, but also harm your professional representation.

We also suggest including a puzzle or game, like a crossword, word search or jumble, to engage readers and excite them to receive your mailings. Offer a small prize to the first few responders to increase the competition and likelihood that recipients will quickly open the newsletter. Plus, they will be reaching out to you with their game answers, so it may provide you with an opportunity to get them into another appointment.

A Few More Tips:

Proofread – we can’t stress this enough.

Multiple Versions – if your database includes emails, consider an email version of your newsletter. This demographic is likely to receive fewer emails and more direct mail than we do. Hitting them twice with your newsletter could be beneficial.

Mail First Class – undeliverable mail will be returned to you, so you can update or delete records within your database.

Hi-Resolution Images – make sure your newsletter looks professional. No blurry images!




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