What Is List Feathering?

List feathering, also known as an “Nth’ing” process, allows mailers to evenly target their entire targeted territory with each direct mail campaign.

List FeatheringRather than selecting one or two of the zip codes in your territory, send a proportionate percentage of mail to all of your targeted zip codes. Heavier populated zip codes receive a larger percentage of your mailing, but all areas will receive a portion. This increases response rates and helps to eliminate the highs and lows of responses because your message is distributed across your entire footprint. If your resources are focused on one zip code at a time, you could potentially target an unresponsive and unprofitable area, resulting in wasted marketing dollars and lowered response rates.

After each direct mail campaign is completed, consumers that received your marketing material should be entered into a suppression file. Then, with each future campaign, purchase a new mailing list of available records until your entire list has been mailed to. This ensures that everyone within your territory is mailed to in a timely manner, and prevents mailings from reaching the same consumers multiple times before your territory has been rotated thoroughly.

This system of list feathering and suppression is required to accurately and evenly exhaust your mailing list. And, these services are automatically provided to our clients, free of charge.

Your marketing dollars are most effectively spent when you reach a large number of prospects systematically, and with planned frequency. Without list feathering and suppression, this wouldn’t be possible.

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