Variable Field

We always recommend that clients take advantage of our free call tracking services. By listing a tracking number in a variable field, you will know exactly how many phone calls you received, and appointments were booked from each marketing piece. Call tracking is a great tool to use, whether you’re testing new creative or just evaluating your current marketing mix.

However, it’s crucial that one phone number is used on every direct mail piece. We frequently see direct mail pieces list a vanity number in addition to a local phone number. This hinders the ability to track the effectiveness of a campaign, and can confuse readers. With two numbers, it’s impossible to know how many called the local or the tracking line. Stick to one tracking phone number so you can truly understand what marketing efforts are producing results.

variable fields
A variable field with an overly informative address can also confuse readers. This information should be limited to the physical address only. “Down the street and across from…” isn’t necessary, and is information your FOA can provide over the phone.

Another piece of information to omit is your schedule. Including that you are only available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays will make these variable fields look cluttered, and can result in fewer calls. Also, readers may get the impression that the practice is less professional or will be difficult to book an appointment at. No part of your marketing efforts should deter or be off-putting to potential prospects!

The more unnecessary information you include in your variable fields, the more opportunity you have to confuse or disinterest readers. Keep it short and sweet, and let your FOAs provide any other additional instructions!

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