What To Do About Unanswered Phone Calls

Do you have a plan for unanswered phone calls?

Call tracking and reporting is a service we automatically provide our customers. When testing new creative, or evaluating the current marketing plan, we occasionally add call recording to the tracking report. Listening to incoming calls provides so much insight! Not only can we learn the quantity of calls, but we are able to hear the quality, see how many appointments are booked, listen in on customer service, and track the number of unanswered calls.

It’s always such a disappointment when phone calls go unanswered. Nearly all of those missed calls are missed opportunities, as very few people leave messages or will try again a few days later.

Someone should always answer the phone. Answering services are great options, and many are available 24/7. Or, phone calls that come in on non-office hours can be automatically relayed to a cell phone.

Unanswered Phone Calls

It may seem like a small number of unanswered phone calls, but they add up! Consider your call conversion rates…how many phone calls does it take to convert into an appointment? Probably not that many! Plus, after spending time and resources on marketing efforts to generate these calls, it’s imperative that you don’t let any leads slip through the cracks.

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