Direct Mail With Variable Promotions

Do you use direct mail with variable promotions? At Hearing Aid Marketing, you have the ability to easily individualize your direct mail based on your consultants’ personal strong points. No two consultants are the same, and your direct mail shouldn’t be either! With areas that allow for variable promotions, it’s simple to change the variable message from the same piece.

Direct Mail With Variable Promotions

Some consultants may have higher closing rates with different messages and, if you have multiple store locations, they don’t need to all use the same direct mail promotion or piece. In order to maximize your sales, select marketing pieces and offers that best suit your consultants or a specific store location.

In addition to better supporting your staff with variable promotions, adding variety to your offers also allows you to target consumers in a variety of stages in the purchasing process. For example, incentives can be most effective with consumers who are just starting to explore their hearing loss, where price point offers work best with those who are ready to purchase.

Not sure which message works best for each consultant? It’s easy to test different offers and track closing rates! Finding and working the strong points of your sales team is one of the best ways to ensure your closing rates are consistent and strong. Our free call tracking services can help simplify this evaluation. Call to learn more!

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