Direct Mail Styles Explained

When promoting your hearing aid practice, there are many different direct mail styles, messages, and promotions to choose from. Read on for a brief description one of the most common direct mail styles, and an explanation of how to best utilize it!

Personalized Letter
A traditional letter into an envelope is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Key advantage: curiosity. Readers are enticed to see what’s inside. There are many subsets within this style, see below for a description of our favorites.

Direct Mail Styles-Multiple Inserts
With multiple inserts, you’ve got more real estate to add extra information, calls to action, or promotions. Some inserts we offer look just like an appointment card so it can be hung on the refrigerator as a reminder to your promotional dates or when their appointment is scheduled. Other inserts, like the informational brochure in the Headset Mailer, includes general information about healthy hearing, so your office is remembered as being helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Key advantage: cost. Including multiple inserts maximizes your impact, and allows you to have multiple focuses all in one mailing.

-Window Envelope
This style can look very official. It could be a bill or other important notice. However, if not done correctly, it can look like junk mail and will be ignored. This style works best when a call to action or offer is advertised on the actual envelope. Extra points if the offer is printed in color! Key advantage: cost. Printing the address on the material, rather than taking the extra step to print on the envelope, can reduce production time and costs, which reduces the overall price.

-Handwritten Envelope
Direct Mail StylesSpecialty inks and fonts make these convincing. With a goal of looking like it came right off your desk, authenticity is key. Using a live stamp on the envelope, rather than an indicia, furthers the appearance of an actual handwritten letter. Key advantage: opening rates! Who can resist opening a letter that you believe someone took the time to write out just for you?

-Handwritten Letter
The interior of a handwritten envelope doesn’t necessarily need to be handwritten as well. But, for some readers, a realistic looking handwritten letter will provide the final push to call and book an appointment. With this personal touch, you’re no longer just a company trying to sell. You’re a person offering to help with their hearing loss. Key advantage: relationship building. If they book an appointment, you’ve already made a connection and begun to gain their trust. If they aren’t ready now, you’ll be the first company they think of.

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