5 Common Direct Mail Mistakes

Common Direct Mail Mistakes

Don’t make these 5 common Direct Mail mistakes, there are easy steps you can take to avoid waste. Take control of your marketing strategy and maximize your Direct Mail budget.

  1.  Mailing To The Wrong Audience

Your prospecting mailer is going to have a specific message geared towards an audience that has never heard of you or purchased from you. It is key to keep an updated file of all your customers to suppress from that mailing. Don’t make the mistake of selling to someone and a week later have them receive a letter inviting them to come in for a free evaluation. It will give your customer the sense that you don’t really care about them and can break the relationship that you worked hard to establish.

  1. No Tracking Of Your Mail

You are spending your hard earned money on a marketing budget to grow your business. Wouldn’t you want to know how that money is being spent and whether or not it is effective? When it comes to your business, you have to take risks in order to grow, but there is a way to manage that risk by learning where your money is going and where it should not be going. By tracking your mail you’ll be able to calculate your exact return on investment. Based on your results you can identify how your marketing budget should be spent.

  1. An Uninformed FOA

Your direct mail has a very specific purpose, to get the phones ringing. Your front office assistant is the first person that these leads will be speaking with. It is important that your FOAs know exactly what the mail is promoting, what the incentives are and when the promotion will be taking place. Having an uninformed FOA can hurt your Direct mail campaign because callers will not be getting the best possible service over the phone and can be discouraged from participating.

  1. No Diversification

The last thing you want is for someone to receive the exact same mail piece over and over again. You are bound to mail to the same people once you run through your footprint. The best thing to do is blend your creatives so that these leads don’t feel saturated with the same advertisements. It will lower frustrations and will allow you to target leads who may be in different buying stages. Although your target market is very similar, there are different segments of leads. Make sure to send mail to the right people at the right time.

  1. No Follow Up

Too often do we see prospects raise their hand but don’t commit and then get forgotten. Make sure to keep an updated list of the people who might be interested but weren’t ready to buy. They will appreciate receiving a follow up letter in a few weeks thanking them for their visit. And then a few months later, they could receive an incentive to buy. If someone buys, they will enjoy getting a thank you card from you. These simple steps are what can make you stand out from your competition.

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