Direct Mail In Spanish

¿Do consumers in your targeted territory habla ESPAÑOL?
Don’t eliminate potential customers because of language barriers! Through our call tracking services and feedback from clients, we have learned that responders to marketing materials are frequently Spanish speaking. Our marketing materials have all been designed to make a connection with readers. If a recipient of your mail primarily speaks Spanish, they should receive direct mail in Spanish in order to connect and begin to build a relationship. In order to achieve this goal we have translated two of our most popular pieces into Spanish.
Here’s how direct mail in Spanish works:
-We build mailing lists based around criteria “selects”.  Other selects include age, gender, income, location, and other demographics. When you opt for direct mail in Spanish, we add a language select, so your mailing list will identify whether a lead speaks English or Spanish.
-When we produce your direct mail, this list will automatically trigger the appropriate version to print, depending on the consumer’s primary language.
Take a look below at the two pieces that have been translated. These two have been selected because of their welcoming messages and soft sales approach result in consistently high response rates. They build relationships, and were the obvious choice to being our Spanish program. If you’d like to see a full-sized sample, contact us today!
                                  Direct Mail In Spanish                       VO letter in Spanish

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