The Importance Of Calls To Action

Calls to action will increase response rates with your direct mail and will maximize your return on investment. By creating a sense of urgency with the right calls to action, potential leads will be more inclined to set up an appointment. If someone receives mail that doesn’t specify what the next step should be and what is being offered, they won’t have a reason to call right away. There are multiple messages that work well in getting more phone calls and appointments and can be shaped to fit the ad you are using.

  1. “Wanted X Amount of People”

By limiting the amount of people you need for a demonstration, your potential leads will rush to call out of fear of missing out on the promotion. In actuality there is no limit as to how many people can participate, but, you want to create the impression that space is limited and spots fill up fast.

  1. “X Amount of Days Only”

By advertising a small time frame for your promotion, you are getting your potential leads to act fast. If a promotion is not set to specific dates than someone who receives your mail won’t have the sense of urgency to set an appointment and over time could forget or be attracted by a competitor with a better incentive.

  1. Gift Offers

Potential leads will be enticed to call and set an appointment when a free gift is offered. It’s important to think about the relevance of the gift to your target audience. You want your phone to ring but you also want to bring in qualified leads. Free gifts such as TV Headsets, Dry Aid Kits and free Hearing Aid batteries are all good offers to have on your Direct Mail. Gift certificates and gift cards are also good when used as an incentive to bring in a loved one. Not only are you bringing in the initial lead but you are also encouraging marketing through Word Of Mouth.

  1. Lunch & Learns and Other Events 

Special events are always great to advertise. No one likes to turn down a free lunch in exchange for an information presentation. A great way to get people interested in your practice is by offering them a special lunch event or a particular event that makes them feel like they are doing something out of the norm. This will get your leads excited and they will want to sign up. Make the space limited and the event date sooner rather than later. This will be sure to increase response rates.


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