Blended Marketing Messages – Part 1

Direct mail marketing is not as easy as simply choosing a design and mailing a few thousand pieces. To effectively market your hearing aid practice, it’s imperative that direct mail marketing strategies are diverse, blended, and segmented. Not all prospects are the same, and one generic mailer won’t appeal to everyone. In order to reach consumers in all stages of the purchasing process, you first need to define these stages. In this series of blogs, we’ll do just that. Let’s start with consumers in the early stages of the process.

Market Your Hearing Aid PracticeWHO:

This group of consumers may recognize their hearing loss. Or, friends and family have pointed it out to them, and urged them to have a hearing evaluation. This segment is not a simple sale, and they are likely to need some convincing of their need for a hearing aid. They require an extra push to get them to pick up the phone and book an appointment. Incentive pieces, like the Handwritten Memo shown here, provide that additional motivation.


In this stage, consumers are looking to gather information and find a practice they trust. Market your hearing aid practice to them, and establish a relationship. This way, you are practice they will call once they are ready to make a purchase.


-Our clients have averaged 6 appointments per thousand Handwritten Memos mailed.

-The unique format and design demand attention.

-A soft message portrays your practice as friendly – not pushy – and knowledgeable.

-Offering a hearing-related incentive (rather than any freebie) will only appeal to consumers who understand they are impacted by hearing loss.


-Because this group is still weighing the benefits of purchasing, it may require more than one appointment to close the sale.

-With an incentive, appointments can occasionally be with consumers who are less qualified.

-A strong consultant is recommended for this style of mail.


There is no silver bullet in marketing, and there are pros and cons to targeting each segment. Segmented marketing strategies are successful because they give you the largest reach, and allow you to book a variety of appointments. The benefit of this is that you will always have customers ready to purchase and in the pipeline – eliminating the roller coaster effect.

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