Roller Coaster Effect – Killing Your Profits?

roller coaster effect


Is the roller coaster effect harming your business? If your current marketing strategy doesn’t target consumers in all stages of the purchasing process, you’re running the risk. Targeting consumers in one stage of the purchasing process with one marketing message can result in the roller coaster effect. Phones will ring off the hook for a period of time, and then… nothing.


Getting consumers to purchase hearing aids is a complex process. That’s why a blended marketing strategy is most successful. Not all prospects are the same, and one generic mailer won’t appeal to everyone. By segmenting your audience, we help you reach consumers in all stages of the purchasing process and book a variety of appointments. Maximize your reach and profitability.


In the next few weeks, we will be sharing three follow up blogs for you to learn more about this process. In them, we will identify the three stages of the purchasing process, explain who they are, why you need to target them, and what direct mail messages work best. There are pros and cons to targeting each segment, and those will also be explained. There’s no silver bullet, but a blended marketing plan reduces the roller coaster effect by maximizing the highs and eliminating the lows of response.

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