Blended Marketing Messages – Part 2

Blended marketing messages ensure that your return on investment is maximized. Targeting consumers in multiple stages of the purchasing process means that you won’t suffer from the highs and lows of response. Why? With this strategy, you have the largest reach. Different types of consumers require different types of communications and strategies, so it’s smart business to target your territory with blended marketing messages. In this second installment of our blended marketing messages series, we are evaluating those in the second stage of the process – the warm sale.

blended marketing messagesWHO:

This segment has done some research, may have already had a hearing evaluation, and understand that they could benefit from hearing aids. They’re dragging their feet on purchasing, maybe because of social stigmas, price, or both. They’re looking for an easy solution to help their hearing loss.


The second stage of the purchasing process means that these consumers are more likely to purchase. They may have already had an appointment with you or a competitor, and have accepted that they suffer from hearing loss. This is an easier sell for consultants. The message in the Video Otoscope Letter (shown) provides the perfect balance of information and sales.


-The VO Letter is our most reordered piece. It delivers results.

-The non-threatening message even appeals to skeptics. You aren’t immediately trying to sell, so scheduling an appointment is less intimating.

-Consistently generates 6 qualified phone calls per thousand mailers. That’s a lot of additions to your prospect list!

-Multiple versions or offers allow you to promote a specific event or target a specific audience.


-This is not the prettiest or most modern design. You may question the look, but you’re going to love the results.

-Since this is an exploratory piece, some appointments may be strictly educational.

-A soft sale message will get people to pick up the phone and schedule a checkup, but closing the sale can still be a challenge.


There is no silver bullet in marketing, and there are pros and cons to targeting each segment. Segmented marketing strategies are successful because they give you the largest reach, and allow you to book a variety of appointments. The benefit of this is that you will always have customers ready to purchase and in the pipeline – eliminating the roller coaster effect.

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