Blended Marketing Messages – Part 3

There’s no silver bullet in marketing or sales, but a blended strategy is the most successful because it has the largest reach and profitability. In the final installment of our blended marketing messages breakdown, we will focus on the third, and last segment. The most successful strategy for targeting this group of consumers is through price point marketing.


price point marketing

Consumers in the final stages of the purchasing process. They have likely shopped around,  had their hearing loss diagnosed, and researched the cost of hearing aids. They may have even visited one of your competitors. They’re looking for a trustworthy, reputable, and affordable practice to purchase their hearing aids from.


They may have already be in your database. If not, they’re in your competitor’s lists. Maybe you initially got them in your door with a softer message. Either way, it’s time to close the sale with some price point marketing.


-The checkmailer style of the Headset Mailer allows you to offer a discount, which is exactly what this segment is waiting for.

-Combining a price point hard said with a headset incentive maximizes the appeal and reach. Consumers in multiple stages will respond to this message, but the incentive only appeals to those who recognize their hearing loss.

-An informative pamphlet is included with the piece to showcase your knowledgeable staff and friendly atmosphere.


-Price point marketing works best with consumers ready to buy.

-Offering too much of a discount or dollar off can actually turn leads away. Consumers may perceive the cost of a hearing aid as higher than they actually are.

-Targeting this segment means hitting the perfect consumer at the exact time… a difficult strategy.


It’s our goal to maximize your return on investment. When you work with us, trust that our marketing advise is informed. We help you develop a blended marketing plan that will drive a variety of business. More than being the spice of life, variety is what keeps businesses successful. Let’s work together to help grow your business.

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