Birthday Cards

Whether or not a consumer has booked an appointment with you, it’s likely that you have already established some type of relationship them through direct mail, word of mouth, and being a part of your community. These are some of the best leads you can develop – they’re in the beginning stages of the purchasing process, and familiar with your practice.

If they know of your practice, they are probably aware of your competitors too. How do you set yourself apart and ensure your company is the one they call? Stand out with a unique style of mail that many practices don’t take advantage of…Birthday Cards!

Our eye-catching birthday cards are modern, fun, and color digital, so you can personalize with color logos, promotions, and coupon offers. Handwritten fonts are printed in our proprietary ink for the most realistic look. Check out the design below!

birthday cards

These birthday cards are mailed in monthly installments, and we manage the list for you. Order a single month for full price or subscribe for our multi-month discount.

Stand out from the rest & fill your database with new leads! Contact us today to get started.

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