Hearing Aid Marketing

With a collection of proven hearing aid direct mail pieces to choose from, we have the marketing campaign that will help achieve your goals. Our highly personalized pieces, with handwritten fonts, live stamps and other important details will increase response rates, while our campaign consultations will ensure your marketing efforts are diverse, blended, and result in high a ROI.

We’re constantly creating and testing new pieces, and our unique direct mail campaigns will make you stand out from the rest. Start seeing the direct mail results you’ve been looking for. Our hearing aid direct mail works.

Unbeatable Quality

Our products & services have a track record of exceeding expectations.

Reliable Turnaround

With a USPS office within our facility, your mail is delivered on time - always.

Increased Flexibility

In-house graphic designers make custom jobs & edits simple.

List Services

Mailing list rotation & suppression are services we automatically provide.

Our Team

  • Meagan Stuart
    Meagan Stuart
    Director of Client Relations

    With over ten years experience in sales and customer service Meagan’s passion for strengthening client relationships is unparalleled. Her attention to detail and energetic personality ensures she not only meets, but exceeds her clients needs.

  • Brianne Noonan
    Brianne Noonan
    President - CEO

    Growing up in her family’s direct mail marketing business, Brianne brings a unique insight to Hearing Aid Marketing. Brianne excels in developing marketing solutions and, with her vast experiences in direct mail and online marketing, is able to maximize client’s marketing budgets while ensuring consistent results.

  • Patty VanDyke
    Patty VanDyke

    Managing accounts receivable and accounts payable, Patty maintains and evaluates our financial information. With these reports, she provides the information for all budget and forecast activities. Patty is able to quickly resolve accounting discrepancies and irregularities, enabling us to maintain our competitive costs.

  • Jeremy Hammond
    Jeremy Hammond
    Director of Software Development

    Jeremy has been a software developer for 20 years, with a start in the education sector. He’s comfortable behind a computer screen, but also enjoys producing a haunted house and planning other events. His press kits have gotten the attention of local media outlets for years. This marketing experience allows Jeremy to fit in well.

  • Pamela Cassick

    For the last 28 years, Pamela has managed and grown the direct mail marketing company she founded. Through her understanding of direct mail, postal regulations, and printing technology, Hearing Aid Marketing is able to remain in the forefront of its field.

  • Mike Baggetta
    Mike Baggetta
    Business Development

    Mike has a strong background in sales and financial planning. Pulling from this knowledge, he brings a powerful voice to our sales team. Quick and eager to learn about customer needs, Mike thrives when exploring marketing opportunities and providing informed advise.