Campaign Management

A Segmented Approach. Not all prospects are the same, and one generic mailer won’t appeal to everyone. By segmenting your audience, we help you reach consumers in all stages of the purchasing process and book a variety of appointments.

Profitable Mailing Lists. Different direct mail styles and messages are more effective with a specific type of consultant, or in certain locations. Our team learns about your company and unique location so we can provide you with informed advice that will help you connect with the right prospects.

Superior List Services. If list feathering is a term you’re not familiar with, it’s probably because your mailing list isn’t properly managed. Rather than mailing to 1-2 zip codes, we send a proportionate percentage of mail to all of your targeted zip codes. This helps eliminate the highs and lows of responses.

Tested Marketing Strategies. With tools like call tracking, we are able to track and evaluate not only the number of phone calls each direct mail campaign generates, but also the quality. It’s important to understand the type of leads you are generating, so you can know exactly what direct mail styles, messages, and promotions work for your unique practice.