Our Process

Hearing Aid Direct Mail Works

Direct mail is not as simple as choosing a design and mailing a few thousand pieces. The right message sent to the right consumers at the right time gets results. Success is in the details. Our campaigns are high quality and our customers experience the difference.

We have spent years refining and improving our hearing aid direct mail campaigns. We segment by audience and promotion to help you use a combined approach and drive a variety of types of appointments and sales within your practice.

With a collection of proven direct mail pieces to choose from, we have the hearing aid marketing campaign that will help achieve your goals. Our highly personalized pieces, with handwritten fonts, live stamps and other important details will increase response rates, while our campaign consultations will ensure your marketing efforts are diverse, blended and resulting in high a ROI.

Interested in testing the effectiveness of a piece? We’ll set you up with a tracking phone number. Use the number on a hearing aid direct mail piece and it will forward all calls directly to your practice. Through this tracking service, you’ll be able to see the number and quality of calls that are being generated from your marketing efforts.

We’re constantly creating and testing new pieces, and our unique direct mail campaigns will make you stand out from the rest. Start seeing the direct mail results you’ve been looking for. Our hearing aid direct mail works.